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​Newcastle, OK 73065

​Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Sunday: Closed

1928 S. 4th St. 

Chickasha, OK 73018

Fax: 405-400-0170
Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 6:00pm 

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

*** CHICKASHA LOCATION MOVING SOON & adding a Med Spa*****

Moving to 1619 S. 4th St.

Chickasha, OK 73018

and offering new Aesthetic services!!!

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Are you uninsured?  We have the right Health Care Program for you!  Check out our Three Options provided within the Elite Health Care Program.

Elite Health Care Programs:

Care for the entire family

"An affordable option to the rising cost of insurance."

Choose the coverage level that's right for you.

The Basic:     

65.00 for the first family member any additional family members 45.00 a month

* Unlimited Visits to any of our locations.

* Annual Wellness Exams

* Prescriptions Written as needed

* Annual Flu Shot

* Finger Glucose Test

* Urine Test (Basic UA)

* Urine Pregnancy Test (Max 2 a year)

* A Rapid Flu Test

* A Rapid Strep Test

* Basic Wound Care ( dressing and topical antibiotic).     (Labs sent out and path not included).

* Pelvic Exam and Pap every 3 years in > 21. Every 5 if Normal Results with Neg HPV. 

The Complete:  (Includes the prior level services).

75.00 for the first family member additional members at this level are 60.00 a month.

* Total Wound Care  (staples, sutures, steri strips, and dermabond is included).

* X-rays ( In house included )

* Splinting and slings

* Abscess I and D with packing

* Foreign Body Removal

* Eye Care with stain and tray use

* Ingrown Toenail Repair or Removal With Post Op Shoe X 1 Year.

* IV Fluids and Catheter.

* Destruction of Skin lesion x 2 year ( Outside Pathology Not Included)

* Breathing Treatment Neb and Medication Included ( Office use only)

* Standard Basic Lab Yearly x 1 (CBC,CMP, Lipids, TSH with T3 T4, Hemacult screen PSA > 50)


The Premium:   (Includes all the basic and complete services)

90.00 for the first family member all additional members at this level are 65.00.

* Basic labs in house every 90 days if needed including PT/INR

* Any office procedure that we provide

* All in house basic labs

* Referral Scheduling

* Online consults with one of our providers with extended hours if needed.

Terms and Conditions: 

Can not be used with medicare, medicaid, or private insurance. Must enroll for a minimum of 12 month terms. A one time sign up fee for 60.00 for each member at the time of enrollment. A 5.00 day of service co-pay will be due at the time of service. We maintain the right to cancel your service at any time we find your actions or behavior abusive or harming  to Healthcare Stat. Fees are locked in at your contract rate but can increase at renewal times. Expenses generated by services outside of HealthCare Stat are not the responsibility of HealthCare Stat are are the individuals. We recommend our patients maintain a major medical policy for hospital stays, surgeries, specialist or any major expenses outside our services. We maintain the right to choose the best medication options to our patients, referrals will be made to higher levels of care on the discretion of the provider. To maintain chronic medications basic labs and possible EKG must be obtained. Your care is of the highest concerns and we will always be happy to discuss and develop a health plan that works for you.   ****Auto debit to checking or credit card required. ***The plan will be honored at all our HealthCare Stat locations. ***No Insurance claims will be submitted while participating in these care programs..****Controlled Substance medications excluded from care programs.